Center for Recreation and Intramurals

Welcome to our Facility Reservation System!

This site will allow you to browse facility hours, availability and events occurring in the Hale-Andrews Student Life Center, Gordon Field House, Clark Gym, outdoor tennis courts, recreation fields, turf field and Ritter Arena without logging in. To reserve space a username and password are required.  See below for more details.  For Club reservations please fill out a request formClassroom reservations are now available beginning after add/drop week of each new term.

How to check for space availability

Go to Browse in the menu above. Go to Browse for Space in the dropdown. Once you are on the reservation screen, by selecting the greater than or less than buttons in the date header on the Browse for Space screen, you can move backwards or forwards by 12 hour increments or by date.

How to Log In

Log in is not required to browse for space. However, you must log in to create a reservation request. Reservation requests for one or two hours in the Field House, SLC and outdoor field can be made by following the instructions below.  To request space for the Clark Gym, Aquatic Center, or Ritter Arena, please visit Reservations Overview. To make a special event reservation for the Field House please go to this Link. Outdoor tennis court reservations are not available.


To Log in click on My Account in the menu bar and choose RIT Login from the dropdown.

If you have not logged in before you will need to create an account. Once you sign in you will need to hover over My Account and click on the drop down Create an Account. Please enter your first AND last name, preferred email address and phone number. 


Only current RIT Recreation members may request an account. 

To create an account, please contact the Program Assistant at 585-475-6082 or

Once you have received your account information, return to the My Account tab and choose Non RIT Login and enter your username and password. Once you are logged in you will need to change your password.

To change your password, hover over My Account and click on the drop-down Edit My Account.

External groups and individuals interested in scheduling an event should visit our reservations page for more information and complete a Special Event Request Form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Assistant at 585-475-6082 or  

Group reservations (10 or more people) must be made by 3:00pm one calendar day in advance and are accepted no more than seven days in advance. Requests will be reviewed within 24 hours for approval. Reservation requests are not confirmed until your reservation’s status is “Web Confirmed.” 

Racquetball, indoor tennis, wallyball, squash and boxing room reservations may be reserved up to seven days in advance and are automatically approved.  These types of reservations can only be made for up to one hour.

To view current availability, click on the Browse button in the menu bar. 

How to Reserve Space

To make a reservation you must log in with your RIT credentials or your issued username and password.

Select Reservations, select your activity. Enter the Date and Time. Reservations must be made on the hour. The end time will auto-populate but can be manually changed.

Enter number of people who will be in Attendance.

Click the Find Space button at the bottom of the page and the rooms that are available will populate on the right side. 

Click on the plus sign (+) next to the room you would like to reserve.

Click on the Details tab located at the top of the box. Enter your information and be sure to include your first AND last name.

Under Group you may have to click on the magnifying glass or the carrot for a drop down menu and select Recreation Web User if it has not already been selected for you. You will only have to do this the first time you make a reservation.

Once you have entered your information click Submit. Review your reservation Status. Please note that your request is not valid until your status is Web Confirmed or Web Approved depending on the sport.

How to Cancel a Reservation

If you would like to cancel your reservation after you have logged out, log back in and go to Reservations and then View My Requests under the drop down menu.

Click on the sport, ie. boxing. This will bring up your reservation.

Click on the X on the left of the screen and choose your reason for cancelling your reservation.

Click on the button at the bottom Cancel Bookings.

A window will pop up that says “The booking was cancelled.

Click Okay. You can then make a different reservation.

Policies and procedures for all recreation facilities can be viewed here.